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Blockout Fabric

The Curtain lab stock hundreds of block out and coated fabrics that are sourced from Australia and. There is something to suit every home and style. Block-out fabrics are a great way to reduce light and heat in a stylish manner. Every block out fabric is coated or lined to assist with insulation and to withstand the Australian sun. They are a great choice of window dressing if you wish to maintain maximum darkness in your bedroom.

Dim out fabrics and curtains also block out a large percentage of light and heat, however they are not coated and not as heavy to create a slightly softer look. A small amount of light may still penetrate through the fabric, however they are a great alternative to a heavier block out for those who aren’t as sensitive to the morning sun.

Block-out and Dim-out curtains can be installed on various tracks and curtain rods – from a minimalist track to a more ornate look.

To determine what style of fabric, finishing and accessories you want for your curtain, please book a Consultation and our consultants will be happy to assist with deciding all the important things.

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