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Roman Blinds and Curtains: How They Embrace Your Home?

Blinds and curtains are used alternatively in today’s world of interior decor. From the ambience of aesthetics and functionality, they create the beauty, comfort, warmth, and sense of privacy we desire in our homes. Just like curtains, Roman blinds are made of fabrics rolled into pleats. Due to their similarities in function, it can be […]

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Curtains and Blinds: The Interior Design Magic

Curtains and blinds are indispensable tools when it comes to interior decor. Have you been to a completely furnished room without any window treatments? They seem to appear naked and scanty. It’s like completing a building structure and deciding not to paint it; yes! It’s that bad. Curtains and blinds give interior decor designs their […]

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Custom Made Curtains: Curtain Trends Around the World

The exquisite outlook and luxurious touch that a good curtain design adds to the interior decor of a room could be quite fascinating. Even as a random design, It creates such a refined environment with an atmosphere of warmth and comfort that is shielded from the prying eyes of the public. When these designs are […]

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Types of Curtain Fabrics For Modelling Your Homes

Imagine entering a room with a great ambience and decor. Every space and corner was designed with beautiful and stylish artifacts that get you lost in awe of the wonders of nature. The furniture was brand new blending in a magical way with the colour and richness of the artifacts. Then, on lifting your eyes […]

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6 Best Sunroom Window Treatment Ideas to Elevate the Space

Sunrooms are a special space in the room that keeps the room looking bright and gloomy all day long. It allows more natural light in for you to enjoy the comfort of being indoors while having the feeling of outdoors. Choosing the right window treatment will elevate the aesthetics, ambiance and functionality of the room […]

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4 Useful Tips to Pair Blinds with Custom Curtains

Custom made curtains in Sydney have some distinct features that makes them a great window draping option while blinds are more favourable due to its wide range of functionality. Choosing between either of them can be a tough task but a combination of two of them can prove to be a great option for many. […]

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5 Stunning Window Curtain Ideas to Elevate Your Space

A perfect window draping solution can completely elevate the overall vibe and feel of your room. The right custom curtains Sydney will give you complete privacy, excellent light control, adequate warmth and brings together all the elements in your space. Whether you are looking to decorate the new house or considering a makeover, Window curtains […]

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Choosing The Best Indoor Blinds for Your Home: 4 Helpful Tips

Indoor blinds are a great addition to your window dressing whether you are looking for total privacy from neighbours, blocking more sun exposure or reducing heat in the room. They are composed of hard slats attached with a fixed distance to each other that can be adjusted to control the amount of light entering the […]

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A Guide to Selecting the Best Outdoor Window Blinds

Outdoor window blinds are a sophisticated and elegant window dressing option with  incredible durability and functionality. They can stand more wear and tear easily and provide excellent light and temperature control which makes them a preferred option in many Aussie households.  When choosing the right outdoor blinds for your home, there are numerous things one […]

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