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Blockout Curtains or Sheer Curtains : What’s the Difference?

Curtains are common and an essential window treatment in every household. While choosing the fabric, a usual dilemma is whether to choose blockout or sheer fabric for the curtain.  There are various factors that influence decision making. It is essential to know what you are trying to achieve with the curtain. Along with being aesthetic, […]

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A Guide To Venetian Blinds – Everything You need to Know.

What are Venetian Blinds? Venetian Blinds are a popular type of window treatment which is made from slim and horizontal slats that can be adjusted to control the amount of light entering a room. Modern Venetian blinds are versatile and come in different sizes and materials such as timber, aluminium, metal and plastic. They are […]

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Roman or Roller Blinds: Which is the Right Window Treatment for Your Home?

We understand that it is pretty common to get confused between roman or roller blinds. Are you confused between choosing which one is right for your home? We have got you covered. In all, you need to get proper window treatment that is an essential part of home decor, provides privacy, light control, and proper […]

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How Custom Curtains Can Transform the Look of Your Sydney Living Room?

Curtains in the living area provide a practical purpose and add visual appeal. They serve primarily to block light and create privacy, but as a design feature, they should enhance rather than detract from the room’s aesthetics. It’s important to have stylish custom curtains Sydney in the living room, as this is where guests first […]

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